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Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil

by Vin Kutty, MS on August 4, 2010

Molecularly distilled fish oil should be the only kind on your shopping list.

Here’s why:

Molecularly distilled fish oil is pure and concentrated

Crude fish oil has a lot of gunk. Gunk that we don’t like or need.

Molecular distillation is a new technology for getting rid of this gunk.

I spent three years of my life becoming an expert at molecular distillation.

Yep, it’s as boring as it sounds!

But it was my first job out of college and I got to live in sunny Florida. So I really can’t complain. Boring or not, molecular distillation is a powerful technology.

Advantages of Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil

  1. Purity. Molecularly distilled fish oil is the purest.
  2. Concentrated Dose. More Omega-3 per pill.
  3. Less Odor. Less rancidity and oxidation.

Disadvantages of Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil

  1. Cost. It’s more expensive than regular fish oil

Why buy Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil?

Like I said, crude fish oil has a lot of gunk.

It has Omega-3, the good stuff. But it also has a pinch of mercury and a dash of industrial contaminants like PCB and Dioxins.

The best way to remove pollution from fish oil is to use molecular distillation.

Your Grandpa’s Fish Oil

The old technology simply boiled fish oil in a still. Just like moonshine. And as the oil boiled over, it was separated from harder-to-boil materials like waxes and mercury. It was a crude form of purification.

The old technology worked. Sort of.

It literally cooked the oil and the delicate Omega-3 for hours and sometimes days during the process. It removed most, but not all, of the pollutants.

That’s how they made our parent’s and grandparent’s Cod Liver Oil. Ugh!

New Technology: Molecular Distillation of Fish Oil

With molecularly distilled fish oil, the crude oil is placed under extreme vacuum. Under such high vacuum, it is possible to “boil” the oil at very low temperatures. Fish oil boils well under its normal boiling point when placed under vacuum.

And the contents of the oil are boiled off separately based on their molecular weight.

  • EPA Omega-3 boils over first
  • Then DHA Omega-3 is separated
  • Molecules of mercury, PCB, Dioxins have different molecular weight and boiling points, so they are left behind in the “pot”

Molecular distilled fish oil is the only kind safe enough for pregnancy

Everything is purified molecule by molecule. There is very little mingling of molecules. The nasty mercury molecules stay in one place and the healthy Omega-3 in another.

Now you have pure, concentrated fish oil. And no gunk.

This is why molecularly distilled fish oil is safe even for pregnant women.

Matter of fact, it’s the only kind you should take if you’re pregnant.

My wife took two OmegaVia pills and a DHA pill every day when she was pregnant with our twins.

Molecular distillation of fish oil is fast and gentle

The process is very gentle.

So delicate Omega-3 fatty acids are protected from breaking down and going rancid.

Why is fast important?

Well, if fish oil is cooked for a long time, it will not only go rancid, but it will start to form trans fats, which are really bad for you.

Molecular distillation of fish oil produces ultra-pure, refined oil with virtually zero contaminants. So pure that it’s hard to even measure the level of contaminants with modern analytical techniques like gas chromatography or HPLC.

So far, molecular distillation is the only method (to date) that can remove heavy metals, Dioxins, PCBs and other toxins to BELOW detectable levels for human use.

Another Benefit of Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil

Molecularly distilled fish oil has high Omega-3 content.

The only reason to take fish oil is the Omega-3. So why take unrefined fish oil with 30% Omega-3? Why take the other unwanted 70%?

With molecular distillation, you can reach 50%, 60% or even 90% Omega-3 purity.

Yes, it’s a bit more expensive. Purity has its price. But the benefits of a super-concentrated dose of Omega-3 are priceless.

Molecular distillation lets you get all the Omega-3 you need in a single dose.

How to Tell if your Fish Oil is Molecularly Distilled

  1. It’s often mentioned on the label
  2. Ask. Call or email your fish oil company.


Molecular distillation of fish oil is used to:

  • Concentrate the Omega-3 in fish oil
  • Purify the oil from contaminants and pollutants
  • Reduce the fishy odor of crude fish oils

Now THAT’S progress!

Molecularly Distilled Fish oil expert: Vin Kutty About the Author: Vin Kutty is OmegaVia’s Scientific Advisor and Chief Blogger. He is a nutritionist, author, and Omega-3 expert with over 20 years of experience. When coffee’d up and fully inspired, he shares Omega-3 info-nuggets on Facebook and Twitter. Email him.

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